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Elections in Europe

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The Elections in Europe is published within the scope of the Association’s activity each year since 2004. Our journal, including scientific researches and subject matters, is based on practical experiences. The Elections in Europe has great importance for election experts, politicians and researchers of other countries with gathering together the electoral knowledge in a given subject from all over the world.

In the publication ofthe Elections in Europe we intend to

  • publish the professional experiences of different countries concerning the conduction and legal regulation of democratic elections
  • analyze the international legal tendencies regulating democratic political elections
  • improve the European election standards
  • present political, legal, organizational and technological mechanisms of the electoral procedure that promote equal opportunity for the participants of the election
  • outline the activities of the ACEEEO.
  • 16th volume - Youth Participation / Campaign and Party Finance / In focus: Romania

  • 15th volume - Elections and Communications / Elections in Times of Epidemi

  • 14th volume - Juidical Protection of Electoral Rights, The Trasparency of Elections

  • 13th volume - Conscious Voters in the Digital Age

  • 12th volume - Development of Electoral Systems and Processes in the last 25 years

  • 11th volume - Equality of voters, equality of votes. Continuous training of electoral stakeholders

  • 10th volume - Participation of women in electoral process and public life

  • 9th volume - The Role of Information and Communication Technology and Social Media in Elections

  • 8th volume - Participation of national minorities in the election process

  • 7th volume – Independence of the Electoral Management Bodies

  • 6th volume - Developing accurate voter lists

  • 5th volume - Participation in electoral processes

  • 4th volume 2008 - Professional education of electoral actors

  • 3rd volume 2007 - National Referendum: Technical and Legal Aspects

  • Special edition 2006 - Global Views on Elections

  • Special edition 2006 - Challenges of Youth Voters’ Education

  • 2nd volume 2005 - Voter turnout & Youth participation

  • 1st volume 2004 - Media & Elections, E-voting