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Welcome to Aссоциация Организаторов Выборов Стран Европы


Last autumn we co-organized with the International IDEA an online symposium series on Special Voting Arrangements. The events were extremelly fruitful and thought provoking. Themes related to postal-, early-, and mobile voting were discussed with the participation of electoral experts from all around the world.
Now the main findings and insights are available in a very well structured and comprehensive report made by International IDEA. We are glad that this cooperation could contribute to the common and shared knowledge of the electoral community.

... Read more

This year the ACEEEO has reached a milestone in its history, again. It was already 30 years ago that leading electoral officials of six former socialist countries decided to establish the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials. Since 1991 the name has changed a bit, but the abbreviation remained, and ACEEEO has grown to include representatives of Election Management Bodies... Read more

On the 4 February 2021 Electoral Management Bodies all over the world will celebrate the Global Elections Day for the 16th time.

On the occasion of this celebration the Electoral Management Bodies open the doors of their offices, emphasizing once again the transparency in their work. They invite young voters, the media and other key stakeholders to present their achievements in organization of the... Read more

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