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11-13 марта 2015, Прага, Чешская Республика

Европейское Региональное бюро нашего члена-сторонника – МФИС - организовало семинар для членов АОВСЕ по мониторингу и оценке тренинговых подразделений ОУВ в Праге, 11-13 марта 2015 года. Представители тренинговых подразделений ОУВ из Азербайджана, Грузии, Молдовы и Украины имели возможность узнать о различных средствах мониторинга и оценке их тренинговой деятельности интерактивным путем. От имени Секретариата АОВСЕ, Эстер Боднар, менеджер проектов приняла участие в семинаре по укреплению потенциала в области управления... Read more

2 марта 2015, Кишинев, Р. Молдова

Исполнительный Совет АОВСЕ провел свое заседание 2 марта в Кишиневе, Республика Молдова. Основной оперативный орган Ассоциации обсудил годовой отчет 2014 года, статус реализации стратегического плана, институциональные отношения и сотрудничество АОВСЕ. Эти встречи имеют решающее значение для функционирования Ассоциации, поскольку они обеспечивают возможность иметь обзор последних месяцев деятельности и установить цели на предстоящий период. Благодарим Центральную избирательную комиссию Р. Молдовы за организацию... Read more

24-26 февраля 2015, Батуми, Грузия

5-я ежегодная встреча Органов управления выборами состоялась 24-26 февраля 2015 года в Батуми, Грузия. Двухдневная встреча была организована Центральной избирательной комиссией Грузии. Тема семинара была «Всеохватывающие выборы». От имени АОВСЕ, Степан Агий, менеджер программ выступил с докладом об опыте Ассоциации в области включения на основе выводов 21-й и 23-й ежегодных конференций АОВСЕ, а также Сараевской и Бухарестской Деклараций.

5th February 2015.

In Poland, our members, the National Election Comission and National Election Office and our partner, the Scientific group of Election Law celebrated together the Global Elections Day. They organized workshop for young voters and lecture in honour of prof. Wacław Komarnicki during which diffrent issues concerning election were discussed. They also launched the project "Election School"

5th February 2015.

Our member, the Central Election Commission of Latvia celebrated Global Elections Day with two events.
On 4th February 2015 it held a meeting with the Riga City Election Commission’s Head and election districts’ coordinators to discuss the polling stations accessibility to disabled persons in the Riga City. At the present time about 35 percent of the Riga’s polling stations are accessible for persons of reduced mobility. The meeting participants shared their views about the possible ways to improve the situation.
On 5 February 2015 the Public Law... Read more

5th February 2015.

According to its tradition, in honour of Global Elections Day, our member, Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyzstan held an 'Open Day'.
As part of the programme, it offered a training with the title 'I am a future voter' for pupils of high schools. The training dealt with procedure of elections and legislation about electoral matters.
For university students, an open lecture titled 'Elections in Kyrgyzstan and abroad' was held. Citizens biometric data's collection was also part of the programme.

5th February 2015.

On February 5th, 2015 the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized, for the tenth time, a conference to promote the initiative to celebrate the Global Election Day. This year’s conference was held under the slogan “Necessity of changing the election-related legislation and voter turnout trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.
The Conference was held in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it had brought together more than 80 participants – representatives of both Houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, representatives of the... Read more

5th February 2015.

On 5th February, the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Moldova (CEC) celebrated Global Elections Day. CEC organized a briefing for mass media, where the Chairman, dr. Iurie Ciocan reiterated Commission’s commitment to democratic values and gave assurances that it will maintain and develop an open, transparent and professional institution, always ready to perform tasks at the highest level in an electoral accessible frame.
Also, CEC held the Open Doors Day for a group of students from the Institute of International Relations from Moldova.... Read more

5th February 2015.

At a special session, with the attendance of the Secretariate staff, the State Election Commission of Macedonia celebrated the Global Elections Day 2015. In his asseveration, the president of the Commission, Mr. Nikola Rilkoski, emphasized the history and the importance of this day, as well as the importance of the elections as fundamental pillar of the democracy in every society worldwide.
A Brochure of the history of the State Election Commission of Macedonia (SEC) and the current composition and functioning of SEC, as well as the organizational... Read more

5th February 2015.

On 5th February, the Central Election Commission (CEC) celebrated Global Elections Day. At the event the CEC officials hosted students of partner high education institutions.
Giorgi Sharabidze, Deputy Chairperson welcomed the participants of the event and talked about the importance of youth in elections processes.The students also visited the CEC premises and received information about the activities of the election administration and the training center.
The guests also got acquainted with photo-video exhibition “Elections-Making of a Nation”... Read more