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ACEEEO Newsletter - September 2021

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30th Anniversary Conference and General Assembly of the ACEEEO

28-30 September 2021

We are very much thrilled because there are sharply two weeks until the beginning of the 30th Anniversary Conference and General Assembly of the ACEEEO. It is also fascinating that after two years of virtual conferencing we will be able to meet in Bucharest, Romania at the only European physical election-related conference in 2021. We are also happy that the preparations to the conference organized by the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania and the ACEEEO Secretariat are going successfully and the number of participants grows day by day.

In this newsletter we have many positive news to share.

The Draft Agenda of the conference is almost full and comprehensive in every aspect:

  • The ACEEEO 30: Leader’s forum on the very first day of the conference features high-level speakers form international organizations such as A-WEB, ArabEMBs, Council of Europe – Venice Commission, EISA, IFES, INE Mexico, International IDEA, OSCE-ODIHR and UNEAD. The Forum aims to discuss how the global electoral community functions now, and how its operations might be improved in the future. The Forum is followed by the ACEEEO 30: The Honorary Club in which our distinguished Honorary Members will share their thoughts about their careers and linkage to the ACEEEO.
  • The second day of the event exciting contributions to the topics of Youth Participation and Campaign and Party Finance, where both theoretical questions and practical aspects will be discussed. In the two Roundtable discussions leading experts from Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), international organizations, and companies dealing with technical support of the electoral processes will share their experience and the results of their work. Furthermore, the Youth Inclusion panel will be based on the insights of the youth itself.
  • The final day is expected to provide a solid platform for discussing the two main topics of the conference, namely Youth Participation and Campaign and Party Finance in the framework of interactive workshops. Finally, before the closing session, we will get familiar with the Special Voting Arrangements introduced by different countries in response to the challenges posed by Covid-19.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that the venue of the conference will be the Hilton Garden Inn, Bucharest Old Town which is perfectly located in the heart of Bucharest, within few steps from the numerous cultural, historical and artistic sites.

There is still a possibility to join the Conference: the registration is open until 26 September. Altogether we have confirmed participants from almost 30 countries so far. We encourage all the interested not to wait until the last moment and register as soon as possible. Also, please use the remaining time until the conference to get familiar with the materials of the conference and follow the updates published in the upcoming newsletters and the Facebook page of the ACEEEO.


The Association of European Election Officials gratefully acknowledges the generous support of:

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