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28th ACEEEO Annual Conference

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to the 28th ACEEEO Conference

17-19 September 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia






State Election Commission
of the Republic of Slovenia 


of European Election Officials

Budapest-Ljubljana, 24 April 2019

Dear Colleague,

The Association of European Election Officials and the State Election Commission of Slovenia cordially invite you to the 28th Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting of the ACEEEO, which will be held on 17-19 September 2019, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

With the active participation of about 150 various electoral stakeholders, in this year we intend to discuss the topic of ‘Judicial protection of electoral rights and the transparency of elections’. The 2019 annual conference focuses on the role of the EMBs and their dialogue with courts and other stakeholders such as voters and political parties to provide a sufficient level of protection of electoral rights. The conference also covers a wide variety of activities through which EMBs and courts can step up to protect these rights. Furthermore, the transparency of elections is being discussed from the perspective of the EMBs who communicate with citizens throughout the electoral process and this plays an important role in maintaining trust in elections.

Please visit the conference page on our website, where you can find all the relevant information about the conference including the Concept Paper, the Draft of Agenda and other Practical Information related to the venue and organizers.

Continuing the long-lasting tradition, the ACEEEO Conference gives opportunity to the electoral officials to learn about the recent developments in the field of electoral technology. In the frame of the Exhibition, commercial companies producing electoral solutions will present their products to the participants of the event, focusing on the protection of voters’ information; the securing technology of the voting process from a cyber-security perspective; the communication of trust towards voters; and the importance of preventing fraud.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ACEEEO Secretariat at

In high hopes of meeting you in Ljubljana,


Yours sincerely,

Dušan Vučko

Zsolt Szolnoki
Secretary General