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13th Annual Conference of ACEEEO in Tirana, Albania

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Date of the event: 
Wednesday, September 8, 2004 to Saturday, September 11, 2004

The title of the conference was ’Voter turnout with special regard to the first time voters’. The reason we chose this topic was its importance in case of building democracy.

As the youth plays a vital role in securing democracy in the long run we consider it very important to hold dialogues with the youth also in the electoral process. The non-formal education of young voters is more and more important. Using the experience and knowledge in this field, our Association also intends to play an active role in the youth voters’ information and education. It is generally accepted that in these young ages is the easiest to become accustomed to the participation. The role of the first voters in the active and the passive participation and the age limit of the eligible persons are also very important.

One of the most effective ways to increase the participation is the information and the guidance. It is very important to inform the first voters but all the electors as well, about the main elements of the electoral system, their rights at the elections and the significant role of the elections in a democratic country. In order to achieve our goals more effectively, we co-operated with OSCE-ODIHR and International IDEA and we have a participatory status with the Council of Europe.
Our co-organizer, the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Albania has been our member since the foundation of the Association. During the years they have been cooperating with the ACEEEO very actively and contributing to its success.






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