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Invitation to the Global Summit for Democracy 2022 - European Regional Forum

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to participate at the

Global Summit for Democracy 2022 - European Regional Forum


It is widely considered that democracy around the world is going through very complex times and is facing multiple risks. Democracy is questioned in terms of its capability to govern over the contemporary society. The weakness of the Rule of Law entails serious consequences: economic inequality, ill-distribution of wealth, violence, health, weak environment protection, inclusion, justice delivery, among others. Criticisms against democracy are affecting the credibility of electoral processes. Interest is lost in elections because the citizens see that instead of their problems and needs being solved, they grow bigger.

In order to respond these challenges, international organisations and electoral practitioners need to evaluate the ongoing processes and call for an action plan to tackle them. Recognizing this need, the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE Mexico) in cooperation with different international organizations, electoral associations and electoral bodies organize organizes the Global Summit for Democracy 2022, which aims to develop a comprehensive and global process for the reflection, debate, and proposal on the great challenges democratic regimes face nowadays, in particular, those related to free and fair elections.

The Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) was kindly called upon to organize the European Regional Forum of the initiative. After the ACEEEO has been dissolved due to the aggression of the Russian Federation supported by Belarus and the related inertia of the members of the Association to show unity and a firm answer, the Secretariat of the former ACEEEO took over the organization of the regional event.

The convening organisations of the Global Summit for Democracy 2022 cordially invite all the interested researchers and practitioners to join European Regional Forum, which will take place on 8-9 June 2022 in Budapest, Hungary. The Regional Forum will accommodate a meaningful discussion between electoral experts on timely topics of elections such as the relevance civic education, the threat of populism, the relationship of freedom of expression and digital platforms and integrity of electoral legislation.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Forum is twofold. Following the armed aggression on behalf of Russia and Belarus, members of the ACEEEO decided to dissolve the organization. The Regional Forum is therefore organized by the former Secretariat of the ACEEEO. Nevertheless, this forum provides a great opportunity for electoral stakeholders from Europe to gather and discuss the possibilities of institutionalized cooperation between European EMBs and election officials.

The conference organizers are planning to hold a traditional physical gathering, but they will also provide all necessary online means for those who are unable to travel in Budapest. Please visit the dedicated conference page, where you can find all the relevant information, including the Concept Paper, the Draft Agenda, the Registration Form and other practical information related to the event.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Zsolt Szolnoki

Secretary General
former ACEEEO