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30th ACEEEO Annual Conference

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to the 30th ACEEEO Conference

28-30 September 2021, Bucharest, Romania






Permanent Electoral Authority
of Romania

of European Election Officials

Bucharest-Budapest, 5th of July 2021

Dear Colleagues,

30 years have already passed since a group of leading electoral officials of six former socialist countries decided to establish the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials, in 1991, in Budapest, Hungary.

In order to celebrate the anniversary of this outstanding example of international cooperation, the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) and the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania cordially invite you to join the 30th Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting, which will take place on 28-30 September 2021, in Bucharest, Romania. The conference organizers are planning to hold a traditional physical gathering, but they will also provide all necessary online means for those who are unable to travel by that time.

This year, the Annual Conference will be centred around two themes: Youth Participation and Campaign and Party Finance. We are firstly looking to the future of democracy and elections, as today’s first-time voters will shape tomorrow’s democracy. In this regard, it is paramount to understand how the youth thinks, what attitudes define its generation, and how to increase its interest and engagement. Thus, the conference approaches this complex topic from multiple angles, focusing both on the practical and theoretical aspects of it.

The second topic of the conference will focus on Campaign and Party Finance. In today’s modern political context, money and politics cannot be disentangled. The questions related to how political actors receive funds, how they spend it, and how they need to report it are of utmost importance in any democracy. Key stakeholders – state authorities, civil society organizations, political parties, and private companies – might learn from each other by engaging in open dialogue and exchanging best practices. This way, they could complement each other’s efforts by ensuring equal opportunities to electoral competitors, while also preventing malpractice.

Continuing the long-lasting tradition, the ACEEEO conference also gives the opportunity to all electoral officials to learn about the recent developments in the field of electoral technology. Thus, within the frame of the event, an exhibition of electoral technological solutions will be organized.

Please visit the conference page on our website, where you can find the relevant information, including the Concept Paper, the Draft Agenda and the Organizers of the event. Furthermore, in the coming days we will send out an update about the opening of the registration to the event as well as news about the Agenda and Speakers of the conference.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ACEEEO Secretariat at


Yours sincerely,

Constantin-Florin Mitulețu-Buică

Zsolt Szolnoki
Secretary General